Bulk Wholesale Raw Brown Sugar

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Bulk Wholesale Raw Brown Sugar


Raw Brown Cane sugar is brown sugar also known as ICUMSA 600-1200 which is produced after the first crystallization of sugar cane. Raw sugar is rougher than white sugar, and its color is brownish. Based upon weight, raw brown sugar from sugar cane, when fully refined, yields contain about 70 percent white sugar. There are more molasses found in natural brown sugar that gives it a higher mineral gratified.


Product Detail:

Content Specification
Brown cane sugar Refined Standards To Icumsa 600-1200
Polarity at 20C 97.8C to 99.2%
Sulphate content 0.15% max.
Ash content 0.15% max. weight
Moisture 0.15%} Max
Solubility 97% Dry & Free Flowing
Radiation Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine
Colour Golden Brown Crop 2011 Or Later
Granulation 1.00-1.5am/mm
Reducing Sugar 0.05% Max by weight

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Bulk Wholesale Raw Brown SugarBulk Wholesale Raw Brown Sugar

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